Standoffs, Wire Suspension and Display Hardware

At Display Creators, we’re proud to represent Gyford, a designer and manufacturer of precision rod, wire and StandOff systems. Our product is probably all around you – from a suspended shelf in your local boutique to signage in your local airport.

These products and hardware support a variety of industries to create:

  • Awards
  • Graphics
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Shelving
  • Exhibits
  • Gallery Installations
  • POP Displays
  • Retail Displays
  • Trade Show Displays

Our large selection of stock components includes a variety of caps, barrels, edge grips, wire and rod systems and connecting hardware across six product lines. We also offer custom colors, shapes and sizes to suit your design needs. Read on to learn more about Gyford products.

  • StandOffs product line consists of caps, barrels, edge grips, 4-way hubs, fixed hinges and various grippers machined from aircraft-grade aluminum or #316 stainless steel. They are designed to hold signs, architectural panels, glass panels, banners, photographs, artwork and other materials vertically or horizontally at a predetermined distance from a surface.
  • Wire Suspension system is designed to support various light-weight applications that span a variety of distances. This product line uses our 3/64″ stainless steel wire to suspend, grip and mount materials from fixed or angled surfaces. Wire Suspension is a unique design alternative to mounting graphics, glass, architectural panels, banners, photographs and artwork, or creating shelving units.
  • WL-Rod & Wire product line is an understated, yet sophisticated wire and rod suspension system machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. This stylish line of unique and modular components includes connectors, travelers, turnbuckles, clips and mounting bases designed around minimal 3/64″ stainless steel wire or 1/4″ diameter aluminum rod. WL-Rod & Wire is a perfect solution for suspending and mounting lighter-weight applications at various angles.
  • EZ-Rod & Wire system includes grippers, connectors, turnbuckles, hinges and pulley wheels designed to be used with rod or wire. EZ products create flexibility in combining rods and wires to suspend heavier projects from flat or angled surfaces.
  • StructureLite product line uses a variety of extrusions and hardware to create opportunities to combine rod, wire and profile to mount heavier applications. Create signage, displays, partitions, exhibits or trade show booths with StructureLite.
  • Hardware line offers a comprehensive selection of everything you need to mount Gyford StandOff Systems products. Our anchors, bolts, washers, set screws, tubing and tools allow installation into a variety of surfaces.

For more information on Gyford standoffs, wire systems and hardware, contact us today. We look forward to helping you make the most of your next display or signage project.